Data usage
NavalX infrastructure helps you track and manage your all infirmary items with item-specific calculations based on category of your vessel, crew count, crew genders, expiration dates and IMDG Code Certificate existance. NavalX can manage multiple replenish regulations such as WHO, MALTA, TR, UK, DK, NL and so on.
Have you ever known that: your vessels can communicate with NavalX?
When we started developing NavalX, we have integrated some intelligent modules behind the screens. “Cevher“ the system bot –which is a rolling project- makes it possible to communicate with vessels asking them questions or processes some requests triggered by a vessel.
So, what does a vessel need to know or need?
You might have noticed it’s almost impossible to track every single item in your vessel. Some expire in time, some need master’s attention or approval to be used or discarded, some are completely unnecessary but delivered to the vessel somehow... At this point, Nix tracks vessels’ data 24/7 and checks every single item depending on vessel-specific attributes. If there are any items that needs to be replaced, destroyed, fulfilled, secured etc. Nix bot informs the central bot to take required actions.
Working 24/7... Don’t software-bots get tired?
Unlike humans, bots never stop working and never make mistakes if everything is provided correctly... We are requesting on board items from the vessel and register them one by one with our professional crew. After all the data entered into the system, an intelligent tasker gets assigned and starts checking and monitoring everything for you. It’s up to you to enjoy your cup of coffee when our non-stop working bots take care of all required actions to be taken.
Replenish and requisition time. What does your vessel need?
We know it’s a nightmare to find out what is needed with accuracy when it comes to prepare the replenish lists. NavalX makes it possible to prepare the requisition forms with one click. It’s that easy to get rid of the time wasted. We examine used amounts, expiring items, expired items, crew counts etc. and create the most accurate required items for your vessels’ actual condition depending on every logical control.
Ocean is good. What’s up with the cloud?
NavalX works on the cloud. You can access your vessels’ operations, reports, needs, status alerts anywhere, anytime by your vessels’ officers or company. Requisitions reach directly from vessels to purchasing departments on the fly and any delivery packages arrived to any vessel is reported back to offices when controlled and approved by the medical officer.
Oxygen tanks need attention right? Let us handle Oxygen tanks, hydrostatic tests, annual procedures... Nix knows what to check and who to inform when it comes to reminding stuff. First, we make sure vessel has O2 tanks with minimum required capacity in volume, then we continuously keep monitoring the test deadlines. When Oxygen tanks need attention, orange and red notifications start to appear. Medical Chest Certificates need to be renewed right? Let us handle Like Oxygen tanks, Medical Chest Certificates also are tracked and monitored by Nix 24/7 and a copy of the certificate is stored in vessels’ NavalX profile. You can view your Medical Chest Certificate as you wish anytime, anywhere.
Pain, Fever, Ache, Itching? E-Medical Logbook is ready for all We are always hoping to have e-Medical Logbooks empty but health problems happen... NavalX already has a well-formed, easy to use automatic e-Medical Logbook that helps you record all medical cases in your vessel and updating actual stock amounts instantly. All Medical Logbook related reports and documents are prepared in seconds.
Different regulations have different rules. So, what does the circular say? Depending on the replenish regulation of the vessel, NavalX checks every single rule for the regulations circular and calculate every item based on crew counts, crew genders, vessels category, destination areas and IMDG Code certificates etc. If there is an abnormality with a medicine or equipment, they are marked with informative labels and needed materials are automatically transfered to the requisition form with one click.
As the vessel has changes in time such as crew counts, the rules are always revised accordingly and needed amounts are updated instantly. All of the steps has informative guides that lead to the next step and any operations made in NavalX are logged into the database for 5 years, then archived to be available in the future. When new requisitions are prepared, consumed amounts also are considered and added to the required amounts respectively. These processes approximately take around less than five minutes.
Would you like to control all your data and manage easily? NavalX is designed to help everyone involved. Masters have full control over the materials on board, Medical Officers have comfort to create Medical Logbook entries, report consumptions, get documents such as “Narcotic List Declaration Form” and prepare requisition lists with one click. NavalX also offers a wide range of features including sending automatic notifications based on important situations such as uncontrolled expired items, not using E-Medical Logbook for a long period of time etc. Let NavalX keep your vessel infirmary Accurate, Easy to Manage, Stable and Secure.
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