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Dear Collegues,

Digitization is inevitable which empowers our life and business. All below are preciously linked about this core subject.

Mission, vision or such traditional phrases over this friendly letter will definitely be skipped. I’ll just try to type what I feel rationally in order to fulfill my team’s request. So here comes my letters;

Sustainable, predictable and planned precautions for “Seafarers’ Health” always enhances the outcomes of productivity. I strongly believe, nor the owner neither the seafarers would oppose such a statement.

Maritime transportation business and its investors are under a greater pressure than the other business players in worldwide trade.

Nowadays, it’s obvious that Maritime Transportation industry lives in much stricter rules than ever it used to be.

Unpredictable running costs, too many regulative enforcements are some of other difficulties’ differentiates our sector than others.

Well, on the other hand, all “Seafarers” are also struggling to achieve the best for their families and companies.

Actually, as having a medical background, I’m trying to express this should have to be a way of symbiotic life among “esprits de corps” In other words, solidarity & unity for both parts; Seafarers & Owners.

For decades, in somehow, I’d the experiences of Seafarer’s health as performing my both professionals; a seafarer and a pharmacist. Those experiences taught me how to care & empathize both sides, the owner/investor and the Seafarers.

So far within these experiences, the fundamentals of NavalX came out. But the hard way was to find the correct people because it should have to be a multidisciplinary workshop.

Thanks to our genius Code Writers and Marine Pharmacists for their magnificent efforts who put their best practices to create this unique and solely cloud based software what I call a “Great Collective Work for Maritime Industry”

Finally, I believe the NavalX™ is the first milestone to digitalize the Seafarer’s health & hospital of our Good Ladies. Let NavalX™ serve you anytime you need.

Yours faithfully,

NavalX™ Team
31 January, 2020 @03:13:24
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